Veterans’ Assistance Programs

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You have enough on your plate. Let AVCC make your life easier by showing you which Veterans’ benefits you qualify for. Once we show you the benefits you’re eligible for, we can guide you through the application process and submit all the required documents and forms to the Department of Veterans Affairs for you. Once you begin receiving your benefits, we can put you in touch with home care service providers in your area so you can put your benefits to good use.

How Do I Know What Benefits I Qualify For?

One of the hardest parts of acquiring a pension benefit such as Aid & Attendance is knowing whether you qualify. Although it varies based on what you’re applying for, these are some baseline metrics you need to be aware of:

  • You have to have served at least 90 consecutive days of active duty
  • At least one of those days must have taken place during an active period of war
  • Your discharge cannot have been dishonorable

If you want to apply for Aid & Attendance, you’ll also need to fit within certain net worth limitations. These limitations exist to ensure the Aid & Attendance benefit goes to Veterans who show a financial need, since people without that financial need have abused this benefit in the past.

Once you’re aware of what parameters you need to work within, it’s that much easier to start your application process. Dealing with the VA can be tricky, but AVCC specializes in making the process more simple so you can enjoy all the benefits you’re entitled to without having to put up with the hassle.

What Can You Use Veterans Assistance For?

One common service that Veterans or surviving spouses need money for is home care services. Whether you were injured while serving or you acquired a disability after your return, you might need a little help performing tasks that are a big part of your daily life. Whether it’s eating, cleaning, grooming, or another activity, home care can help you get in a better position going forward to live a long, healthy, and manageable lifestyle.

Discover Which VA Benefits You’re Eligible For

Our team at AVCC shines a light on services you didn’t even know existed. Then we help you apply for them and put them toward home care services.

Find Out What Benefits You’re Eligible to Receive

You already have enough on your plate—between car and house payments, taking care of your children, and supporting your family, it feels impossible to carve out time to investigate which benefits program is right for you. Billions in VA pensions are available every year, but most Veterans don’t know they even exist and how they can become eligible to receive their fair share.

Many Veterans can go years before finding out they qualify for VA pension benefits like Aid & Attendance. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking help that’s right in front of you. AVCC can help you identify the Veteran’s assistance programs if you need money for home care services.

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