Boot Camps

Use these helpful boot camp presentation decks.

Marketing Boot Camp

Take a look at the attached file to learn about our program, what we do, what you can do to leverage your current clients, and the best way to market yourself and the AVCC programs!

Marketing Boot Camp
0000 Top 10 Benefits of Home Care

Become a Provider Boot Camp

Do you want the opportunity to provide quality home care services to our nation’s veterans and surviving spouses? Joining AVCC can help you do just that! Learn about the benefits we offer to veterans, along with the benefits of being an AVCC provider here:

Successful Relationship Boot Camp

We want to make sure you get as much success from your AVCC partnership as possible, so we’ve put together this boot camp presentation with our policies, procedures, and best practices.

Successful Relationship
AVCC Sales Deck

Billing Boot Camp

To ensure you get paid on time, we developed this “Billing” boot camp. This presentation includes best practices, policies, and examples of the documents you will send and receive.

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