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1099 Agreement

The following agreement is between AVCC and any referral agencies (those that do not pay their employees by W2). This states that AVCC provides care coordination for Veterans and their spouses, while the referral agency arranges non-medical home care services to hospitals, insurance companies, care management companies, and private duty patients.

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AVCC Provider Agreement

We pride ourselves on connecting the best of the best, America’s best and the best home care providers. If you pay your employees via W2 and are interested in joining our nationwide network, take a look at our Provider agreements and contracts and if you have any questions, please contact us!

AVCC W9 Form

The W9 or request for taxpayer identification number and certification is required paperwork for tax purposes, AVCC does require this to be filled out before a partnership can be started.

Financial Assistance For Veterans calculator and spread sheet

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