VA Home Health Care

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Which Kind of Care Is Right for You?

It’s easy to get confused about the difference between home health care and home care. After all, thousands of Veterans benefit from both services. But there are significant differences between home health care and home care for Veterans, and it can be difficult to distinguish between the two without the right guidance. It can be immensely frustrating when you know you need support but don’t know where to turn to find it.

Every year, countless Veterans go to the VA for help, yet don’t walk away with clear answers; rather, they leave with mountains of paperwork, little idea of what to do next, and an even greater feeling of helplessness.

That’s where AVCC comes in—it’s our job to find the perfect solution for you and your unique situation. Below, we’ve outlined some insightful differences between home health care and home care that families nationwide can reference to find the help they need.

VA Home Health Care

Veterans and their families might have an idea of what types of services they’re looking for to support them, but it’s not always immediately clear which one is the right fit. When applying for VA benefits, understanding the difference between home health care and home care can make all the difference. So what does home health care include? Skilled home health consists of short-term health care services that can be provided to Veterans if they are housebound or live far from VA, according to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ website. The program is for Veterans who need skilled services, including nursing care, therapy visits, patient education, and social services. 

While many Veterans and their families might think this is the right option, home care might be a better avenue depending on your specific circumstances.

Understanding the difference can mean the world.

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Home Care

Non-skilled workers can offer several long-term services that might be an ideal fit for your situation. With AVCC’s extensive network of high-quality providers expanding every day, you’ll have the broadest variety of options. Home care services include:

  • Companionship
  • Meal preparation/feeding
  • Laundry
  • Light housekeeping
  • Grocery shopping/errands
  • Transportation
  • Medication reminders
  • Bathing/hygiene/grooming
  • Mobility assistance – including transferring assistance and fall prevention
  • Toileting and incontinence care

With hourly shifts available, AVCC can help plan your schedule around your needs. Reach out to our team and jump-start the process of receiving quality care.

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