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Every Veteran deserves high-quality support. With AVCC, that’s exactly what they get.

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Without knowing where to turn, finding the right benefits can be an insurmountable task for Veterans and their families. While the VA offers a wealth of resources, the government agency is extremely difficult to navigate if you don’t know how. That’s where American Veterans Care Connection comes in. We’re always looking for new ways to help Veterans receive the benefits they deserve. Whether it’s acquiring the right paperwork or matching home care providers with new clients, we’re here to help.

AVCC partners with high-quality home care providers nationwide to make sure those who have served our country are able to receive the benefits they’re entitled to. Our ever-expanding network of home care service organizations is committed to assisting with the activities of daily living that prove difficult for so many Veterans. After everything you’ve done for our country, isn’t it time someone is there to support you?

The AVCC Story

Born from a long line of military service members and firsthand family experience, AVCC’s passion to help our nation’s Veterans all started when Jeanne Asher, a registered nurse working in home care, looked into funding sources to assist her father. After a long, fruitless search, Jeanne quickly discovered just how challenging it is for Veterans to obtain the benefits they’re entitled to. She came to understand that Veterans pensions with Aid and Attendance benefits were the only option available, and finding a qualified caregiver was a seemingly insurmountable undertaking. She began to work toward a solution that would help Veterans connect with a network of qualified healthcare professionals committed to their well-being.  

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Whether you’re a Veteran looking for support, or a home care provider looking to join our rapidly growing network, reach out to AVCC today. We know how difficult going it alone can be; we want to set up every Veteran we can with well-rounded, affordable support. If you’re interested in jump-starting the process for receiving the benefits, call our dedicated team today.  

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