Many veterans do not receive the home care services they are entitled to. At AVCC, we do our best to close the gaps in care and pair veterans with home care service provider who can help them live at home and perform daily tasks. Here how you can become a veterans’ home care provider.

Becoming a Home Care Provider

For Veterans’ Family Members

Maybe you’re a family member of a severely injured veteran who needs home care. If you become a caregiver to a veteran who suffered qualifying injuries before May 7, 1975 or after September 11, 2001, you can qualify for several benefits from the VA. These caregiver benefits include a monthly stipend, access to health insurance, covered travel expenses, and mental health services and counseling. Your veteran must need help performing at one daily task in order for you to qualify for these caregiver benefits. To find out more about becoming a caregiver for your veteran family member, visit the VA’s website. You can also apply to be a caregiver through our website.

For Professional Home Care Services

If your business offers home care service, AVCC can help you spread the word about your services. We’re always looking for new home care business to join our expanding network of service providers. We help veterans access services that help them with the following tasks: companionship, meal preparation and feeding, laundry, light housekeeping, medication reminders, and bathing and grooming. If your company performs these services and you’d like to connect with veterans, reach out to us today. Apply with us today to help veterans receive the home care benefits they need.

When you partner with us to provide care to veterans, our Fast Track Program helps veterans apply for your services through Veterans Affairs (VA). We navigate the hurdles so you can begin providing your services quickly. Additionally, we will compensate you for helping us to deliver the documents to and from our clients. We offer this program because we know how tricky accessing these services can be for veterans, and we want to make sure their applications are approved and they can access the home care they need.

AVCC Provider Portal

We offer our providers a portal where they can access necessary forms and information as well as boot camps with marketing and sales best practices tips that will help you grow your business. Using our provider portal will improve your business and help you reach veteran who need home care, including senior home care.

Other Support Service We Provide

Support for Surviving Spouses

In addition to home care, we provide other services for veterans or their surviving spouses. If you are a surviving spouse who needs help accessing your spouse’s pension and home care benefits after they pass. We’ll take a look at your case and develop a personalized care plan that will meet your needs.

Financial Assistance for Home Care Services

If you or your veteran family member needs help paying for home care, we can help you apply for and access it. We work to connect you with organizations who can allow you to meet your financial needs so you can pay for the home care you need. Also, we put all of the forms and paperwork in order so you can apply for these services without jumping through hoops or getting tangled in a tricky process with the VA.

Why Home Care Services?

Why should you consider home care services when you or your veteran could relocate to an assisted living facility or a nursing home? While those facilities can improve the quality of life for many veterans with service-connected disabilities, not all of them want to relocate or are in a physical condition to do so. Home care offers these veterans the assistance they need in their daily lives while allowing them to stay in a place they are comfortable with. If they need home health care, you can look into applying skilled home health care through the VA. Overall, home care gives veterans the ability to receive the assistance they need without needing to leave their home behind.

About AVCC

AVCC is devoted to making sure veterans receive the home care and benefits they are entitled to. We can pair them with home care service companies, get them financial assistance to pay for, and we can help surviving spouses do the same. If you are interested in becoming a care provider or in receiving care through AVCC, reach out to us today.