Support the Troops in Your Life This Veterans Day

For some, it’s a welcome day off—if you don’t know someone who serves, you might not quite understand the gravity of Veterans Day. If someone in your family has served their country, whether it’s your brother or sister, son or daughter, father or mother, husband or wife, the meaning of Veterans Day is profound. It’s not a day that we can overlook; the brave men and women who sacrifice their lives deserve recognition for what they do, and at AVCC we do everything that we can to make sure that their contribution to our freedom, security, and well-being is never overlooked. We’ve listed some respectful, unique, and meaningful ways to celebrate Veterans Day, and give the veterans in your life (or even ones that you’ve never met) the care that they deserve.

Support Local Establishments

A lot of restaurants, stores, and other local shops will have special promotions for Veterans Day. Whether you take a veteran you know out to breakfast, buy them a drink, or buy them something that they’ve wanted for a while, there are usually plenty of local vendors that you can choose from. If you don’t happen to know any veterans, check out which restaurants and stores near you offer meaningful contributions as part of their Veterans Day promotion.

Connect With Veterans

One of the most meaningful acts you can perform is simply connecting—whether you’ve served in the past and want to reach out to a fellow service member, or you want to reach out to a community that always could use extra support, there are always opportunities to do so.

Educate Others

For some people, they may not fully comprehend how important Veterans Day is. For those in the dark, shed light on why it’s a meaningful day. If you have young children in your life, you can teach them why it’s a day that deserves recognition and celebration alike.

Educate Yourself

You might be personally affected by the loss of a loved one on Veterans Day—but what about the countless others who have served our country? Visit the closest national cemetery, and ask if you can place flags at their headstones. Learn about their life, and how they contributed to our country.


It doesn’t have to be a monetary contribution; meaningful veteran care is about more than just sending a check. If you have the time available, see if you can carve out part of your day and go visit a local organization that supports veterans.

Support Meaningful Organizations

While there are local vendors that might make contributions to veterans, there are other organizations where that kind of service is their entire mission. Places like Fisher House, where they provide free lodging to family members during the hospitalization of military members are always looking for donations, whether it’s a warm meal or toys for children.

Send a Care Package

If there’s someone you love currently serving, maybe it’s time to reach out to them via care package. If you don’t know anyone, there are always organization looks for assistance with assembling care packages.

Wear a Red Poppy

Veterans Day isn’t about blaring “Sweet Home Alabama” and screaming “AMERICA!” at the top of your lungs. It’s about respectfully recognizing those that contribute so much, and in turn receive so little. Wearing a red poppy can show support for veterans and active duty service members in a meaningful way.

Hire a Veteran

If you own or operate a business, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is—according to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, “I’m here to tell you these are high-performance people who can add real value to your business.” If you’re a veteran yourself, explore which local vendors and stores have specific hiring opportunities for veterans.

Encourage Your Workplace to Recognize Veterans Day

It doesn’t even have to be a full-blown day off—if there’s a way that your workplace can meaningfully recognize Veterans Day, implore them to do so. Take the time to volunteer at a local facility, or find a part of your day to reflect on veterans’ immense contribution to our society.

Run (or Walk) For Veterans

There are always charity runs that you can participate in around Veterans Day. Make sure that you get as many of your friends, family members, and local community to participate or donate as possible. The more the merrier—and the more people are involved, the more effectively you’ll be able to support the troops.